A look back into our past

In 2001, we found the perfect location for our home and farm in the historic Covenant community of Rancho Santa Fe, California. By the time construction started in 2003, we had discovered that a portion of the land was an amazing site for a vineyard. After some friendly family negotiations, we made the decision to forego an additional horse pasture and start a vineyard. In April 2005, we planted a Bordeaux blend of certified French clone vines and so began our trail in the wine industry. After seven years of fine-tuning our farming and winemaking practices, we were ready to showcase the wine we think is deserving of its namesake.


Jon and Tammy Williams move to Rancho Santa Fe.


A few years after purchasing their land in the Covenant, they begin construction on their house and stable, the future home of The Cov.


The Cov vineyard is planted.


Fallbrook Winery accepts us into their Custom Crush program and takes over the farming and winemaking.


With guidance from Steve Ernst and art by Leonard Hardtke, our first vintage, the 2012, is released for sale in the best restaurants of San Diego under the name Covenant.


The Cov releases their new look and feel with an updated brand that pays homage to this beautiful community in which we live.


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