The People Behind the Wine

While we may have stumbled upon this unique terroir, our mission is no accident: Make exceptional wines that honor the soil while bringing the historic soul of Rancho Santa Fe to your glass.

Jon & Tammy Williams+

Jon & Tammy Williams, Owners with Iggy, VicButkus and Spike

Euan Parker+

Euan Parker, Winemaker

Jon & Tammy Williams

Jon & Tammy Williams, Owners with Iggy, VicButkus and Spike


Tammy was born in Illinois and moved to Scottsdale with her family when she was seven years old.  Her love for horses led to competing in Western-style riding until interrupted by college at Arizona State University.  She moved to San Diego in 1986 where she worked 12 years in commercial advertising, design and printing.

Jon was born in Indiana and moved to California with his family at three years old when his father took a job teaching high school math in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After graduating with a degree in Economics from San Diego State University, he began a career in real estate that ultimately led to investments in apartment communities throughout California.

Jon met Tammy in 1991 at a valet parking stand and convinced the love of his life to marry him in 1993. After carrying much of the financial burden during the early years of Jon’s career, Tammy began riding again, this time English style jumpers.  This has become a full-time job running their stable operations which include the training, sale, and showing of nationally recognized hunters from coast to coast. Tammy is the spice in the family, and her creativity, and flair makes its way from the land all the way to the wine in your glass.

Jon’s enthusiasm for wine started 20 years ago with his first taste of a 1995 Silver Oak shared by a friend over a casual dinner.  That taste led first to a small collection of interesting wines and then to a desire to produce his own.  That desire was satisfied years later with the purchase of land in the West Side of Rancho Santa Fe.

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Euan Parker

Euan Parker, Winemaker


Euan Parker oversees all aspects of making quality wine. Euan started in the wine industry 20 years ago in New Zealand working at his family’s vineyards. After graduating with honors and receiving a Biochemistry degree in New Zealand, he was awarded a full scholarship to attend the prestigious Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures Angers wine program in France.  He obtained a master’s degree in Vine, Wine and Terroir Management.

Prior to working with The Cov, he was a winemaker in New Zealand and winemaking consultant for several wineries across Spain.  Euan was also responsible for multiple vintages in France and USA.  Euan’s background and international talent have made him a key part of taking the vineyard from grape to the great wine you taste with us.

Euan is currently the Winemaker at Fallbrook Winery. Fallbrook is owned by Ira Gourvitz and Rebecca Wood, leaders in California’s emerging South Coast wine region. Their 36 acres rest between the Pacific Coast and the Pala Mesa Mountains, producing the highest quality red and white varietals.

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